Ready for a New Year

Dec 2016

End of the year

I wait for the holidays to pass.  They were great!!  Got a week off of work to spend time with my son while he was on Christmas break.  It was wonderful.  I love spending time with him.  And of course, family.

The new year passes.  Man! I can’t wait to start a new year!  New beginnings, new things I wanna do, things I wanna accomplish.  2016 was hard for me.  Broken ankle, out of work for 3 months, it hit me hard financially.  But I made it through with good faith and the help and support of great family and friends.  Mid October, I went back to work, to my normal life.  I can walk!!!!  Yay!!  But I’m done with 2016.  Bring on 2017, I’m sooo ready and it’s gonna be sooo much better!!!!

So I thought. . . . . . :/




Jan –  It’s time for my annual check-up, I’m a few months early but I really wanna know what’s up with this stabbing pain that won’t go away.  I can’t even hold or press anything to my right side that’s how bad it’s gotten, so I make an appointment,

Jan 20th – 

I see my lady doctor.  Well, my primary GYN is out on vacation so I get her assistant.  She did a great job, but I will always prefer my main GYN.   I go over my concerns with her and she does her exam.  Sure enough she feels what I was talking about and man, was that exam painful!  I know they have to touch, but that hurt.   She writes me out an order to go in for a mammogram.   This is no news for me.  I have been doing mammograms ever since I found my first cyst when I was 30.  I’m used to this but there is nothing fun about going for a mammogram.

Men, don’t ever judge!  No woman ( and I think I speak for many, if not all ) likes to get their girls smashed between 2 plates to the point where you can’t breathe and to where they look like crackers, just to see what’s going on with her boobs.  It’s painful, it’s uncomfortable.  Yes, it hurts.   And yes, they do get smashed between 2 plates, that is no lie.  I don’t really think a male would favor getting his boy and 2 roommates smashed on an annual basis, like crackers, just to make sure he’s healthy.   I have no idea what a male has to endure to keep his boy healthy.   Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they get smashed too?  Who knows?


Anyway, with that being said.  I schedule my mammy.




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